Craft Clarity provides a hard sparkling water experience different than others in the category. Made by the same family whose passion created U.S.A.’s first 100% certified organic brewery, Craft Clarity brings the same thought and care into creating a hard sparkling water made for people who expect more.

Our less is your more.

Less ingredients means we can be particular about what we use. Only the best go through our cold-brewed fermentation process making a truly clean-tasting, fruit-forward hard sparkling water we’re proud of.

We’ve been using only the best ingredients for 20+ years. This is our next chapter in creating something you can feel good about drinking.

Eel River Brewing is America’s first 100% certified organic brewery… blazing trails in the craft brew industry over the past 20 years.

Continuing our unfailing commitment to quality, taste, and consistency is our diverse offerings of excellent craft beer and hard seltzer. Much like the tenacious people who brew it, our beer is award-winning. Edgy. Different. Daring. Spirited.

And you’re going to love it.